Getting Started

So, I am taking the blog challenge and going to start a math blog to reflect and keep a log of what I am doing in my classroom, successes and failures. I have been reading math blogs for some time now and thought I might have something to share now and then as they have shared with me. Of course, I don’t ever think I have anything as great or as cool as other people, but I figured through this, I could try some new things, get input on some things, and in general reflect on my teaching. So, here goes, pitoinfinity. I don’t know why that name really, but have always used it for emails, ebay user name and other things. So, here goes, my math blog. My husband is shaking his head as I type in complete disbelief that I would do this. He is also a teacher, but a late comer from the business world. It is interesting to say the least, especially being in Louisiana right now as a public school teacher.

That is it for now, I am excited for this new venture and see what comes out of this. Maybe nothing, maybe something, who knows?


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