First Day Activity – Tweeting?

So, after thinking for a long time, I came up with this:

So, I didn’t have a ton of kids today because most of my classes are juniors and seniors and they attend tomorrow. But, already, I know I am changing the thing they are tweeting about. I used that students text in today. Just tonight, a colleague sent me about and I think I am going to try that tomorrow. I am also going to have them “tweet” a goal they have for this school year in mathematics. I like the idea of doing a tweet because it does make them direct their thinking to be more direct in what the students say.

The quote I have is something I am talking a lot about in my class this year. I hope it is something my students understand as important. Basically it comes down to goal setting and reaching a goal throughout the year. This quote will be on my syllabi and we will be discussing it. But after today with the few kids I had, I realized I needed to change the quote or do something a little different. It did work nicely when students submitted their responses. So, we will see what changes comes tomorrow with me changing up my thought process.


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  1. Lois Lindemann (@MoreThanMaths)
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 16:24:54

    I like the idea of responding to a quote with a Tweet – I’m definitely going to try that one out.

    I’ve got a mixed age tutor group (11-18 years old) who I see for the first 15 minutes of every day. The group has been together for a year, but I’m still finding it very hard work to get them to discuss anything. I’ve got a quote of the week set up for next year, so I’ll ask them to “Tweet” responses, either using Twitter and a class hashtag, or using the low-tech alternative of writing their “Tweet” on a piece of paper!


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