#myfavoritefriday ACT Math Question of the Day

Ok, so I have been blogging now for a few weeks and have decided to participate in #myfavoritefriday. I have loved seeing everyone’s post, so thought it would be fun to join in. I will admit, I have been a bit intimidated, so hopefully it will get easier.

Last year, I was committed during the second half of the school year to get my juniors prepared for the math part of the ACT. I wanted to do it as part of my bell ringers that are mandatory by my administration. I have found them to be very worthwhile for a few reasons. One is for ACT practice without taking more class time than just the beginning of class. I also use bell ringers to review prerequisite skills. I no longer teach Algebra I content in Algebra II honors/gifted courses. Same is true for PreCalculus.

As I was in search of ACT problems I could use in my class, I found a website, DCHS ACT Math Question of the Day. Since finding this website, I have emailed the owner of this site and he is so nice. He said I could use whatever helps students. I know it is nice to just look at. All of the problems, he has even broken down into what category it falls in. I would take screen captures to put into my Smart Notebook file.


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